72 Link Chainsaw Saw Chain Metal Fits For Chinese Import 4500 & 5200 Etc For Use On Portable Chain Saw Mills Surface Smooth

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Material: Metal
Guide Bar Length: 18"
Number of link: 72 link
Fits For Chinese Import 4500 & 5200 etc
Pitch - Measurement between 3 rivets divided by 2=.325 pitch
Gauge - Measurement between the rails on the guide bar=1.3mm or 1.5mm (0.05"-0.06")
Drive link - The number of link that sit in the guide bar=72
This chain specifically ground for use on portable chain saw mills
It is ideal for cutting rough construction lumber and semi-finished lumber from any log
It leaves a surface smooth enough for most outdoor construction with no further finish required

Package Included:
1 x Chainsaw Saw Chain



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